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Sapphire Swimming Pools & Maintenance  is one of the most dynamic and highly experienced company with a long track record of getting it right. As a result we are establishing ourselves as one of the leading swimming pools and maintenance companies across the Dubai through our rapid response and commitment to your maintenance need. we guarantee that you will receive an effective domestic and commercial property maintenance service, ensuring your business continues to run smoothly

Company was established in July in the name of Amal Muhammed Building and Cleaning Services. In 2016 Company name changed as Sapphire Swimming Pool and Maintenance LLC and also registered with Khadamat Management LLC in Al Ain. Registration with Khadamat helped the company to expand the business in Al ain also.

Key Executives
P Damodaran ( Managing Director)
Pranav L.D ( General Manager)
Arjun L.D ( Marketing Manager)

Our Major Projects in Dubai :

  • Cast Aluminum Industries (2016 March  – 2016 June )
  • T-Com Paradise Building (2015 July – 2015 September )
  • Platinum House ( 2013 January – Present )
  • Almoosa Group ( 2010 March – 2015 July )
  • Abdul Jaleel Group (2008 January  – Present )